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May 09, 2007



Oh wow, that's really cool! Congratulations! I became an Aunt two and a half years ago and I love it - and my nephews are only 25 miles from me so I see quite a bit of them. I'm sure one day I'll be a Great Aunt too (obviously I'm already a great aunt!)


Lovely memories Sue, hopefully Amy will do well with motherhood even though she is young. I myself was a very young mum to my first girl and found that it set me on the right path right quick. Those little eyes depending on you make all the difference!!! congrats to you and to Amy both.


I hope your grand-nephew has a long, happy, healthy life!

Poppy Sockpal



Congratulations Great Aunt!: I enjoyed reading of your memories. Family ties are so important. 51b14 - that's wee nowadays!

Sue - guess what? I've signed up for a spinning workshop in June. All that inspirational blogging from you spinners...


Welcome to the Great Aunt Club! We drop the Aunt bit in good looking company though. Glad to hear they're both doing well.

Big hugs in the homesickness issues, it can be hard to be so far away.


Hey! I am a Great Aunt to a Connor too! I have always used that phrase...I've always been a great Aunt, now I'm really a Great Aunt. Congrats on the little one! Enjoy!

lynne s of Oz

Heh, I beat you to being a great aunt by three days (and my niece is 25). Isabella was a month early and also weight 5lb 14oz. Congrats!

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