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February 25, 2007


Your Secret Pal

Okay, here's the deal: I was waiting for a package to come containing one of your bigger presents, and expected it any day. It was (finally, and late I might add) delivered on 12 February. I tore into it, and found that it was missing a key part of your present, so now I'm waiting for them to replace it. x_x (Curse you, retailer I'll not mention until the package is sent!) Of course, as the delay drags on your package gets bigger as I find more cool stuff to include, so hopefully that will at least partially make up for the horrendous lateness of the final package.

I'm so, so sorry! :(


Welcome to the Great Aunts club! Just think of all the itty bitty knits that will work up in no time.

The colour you chose for the cable down raglan is gorgeous, I can't wait to see it once you're a bit further into it.

Good for you on the job front, life is far too short to do something you hate. Finger crossed something else turns up quickly for you.


Big changes ahead then Sue! How exciting. What about opening up a lys?
I've looked after lots of young mums - they often give birth easily and are really excellent at mumming. I too wonder about lost opportunities but I guess time can be made later.
MMMM Koigu. I'm really tempted. (as If I need stash enhancement). (I didn't sign up to any stash restrictions!)

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