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January 21, 2007



Well done for being busy and finishing lots.

More than well done for not buying any yarn, good job you didn't go to GK !!


You've made some lovely stuff! Nice books too - I have Viking Patterns and Knitted Ganseys, both are fab!


I love the clogs, they look perfect for mooching around the house.

Great new bookage too, I can't wait to see what you make from them.


Sounds like a busy month, love the pics of the finished objects and the SP8 factor continues as I'm currently using the alpaca that you sent me!


Good to see someone is finishing soemthing they started!! I start a lot but don't ever seem to finish anything.....I need a good kicking.
Love the Clogs


Cuuuute stuff! And I always say that Fetching is one of the best quick and fun knits out there.


Who's been busy then ? All lovely FO; I am waiting for the Felted Clog pattern to arrive, do they fit ?
I too have been in book buying mode and I see one or two of yours I have on my wish list ;-) Victorain Lace Today is fab


That SP8 factor does indeed continue: I've just finished some lovely fingerless gloves in the Lousia Harding angora Yvonne gave me! Now, about those clogs - I bought myself the kit too - in the time honoured way of ooh that looks nice, one for me, one for you! And I've lost the pattern
:-( don't suppose you could copy if for me, Sue? (looks around furtively to see if the copyright folks are lurking!).


I like the fingerless mits. Where did you get the pattern? I'd love to make a pair. -

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