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October 05, 2006



***wow!!!*** and what a great price!


Wahoo! definitely a great price!


"Oooo i`m turning green..."


I've bought two spinning wheels from them and they arrive really quickly ;-)
Guess who got her wi-fi to work... I'm a happy girl....


Calm yourself!!! At least until it get in:)



Auntie Noo

Cool!!! What a lovely looking piece of crafting machinery! - Can't wait to see it in action. Can understand why you *squeal* !!


Cool, can't wait to see what you make with it.


WOW and a great price too . Its never ending is it LOL . I have just bought my wheel as you know and I am thinking of a loom but it will have to be a table top one as this little cottage is bursting with my crafty stuff as it is, either that or move !!. Thanks for the tip re Tapestry , will bear it in mind. What do you think of Typepad, is it easy to set up? As you will have read I have been having problems with Blogger lately but the question is to I have the time to change it. I am finding that my online activites are cutting into my crafting at times but it is so good to see what folks are up to and
it inspires me. I just want to make it ALL NOW :)

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