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September 03, 2006



Oh I like the hat. It does look funny and may just be something to brighten up those dreary winterdays.
By the way nice new home!!

Auntie Noo

I like your new home! I know they're updating blogger soon (beta out now) so don't know if that'll make it any better! But this looks good!!!!

I Love that hat and am off to look at the pattern NOW!


Dear Sue
I am humbly prostrating myself for not having sent your final package yet - I hope it will be worth waiting for. Here are some excuses: 1) I have been stuck up a chimney for the last two weeks. I finally got out when I lost such a lot of weight I fell down. It's taken me AGES to get all the soot out of my creases.
2) A strange whirlwind came and took me and my house off to a strange world with a yellow brick road. It's all right now - I'm back home, there's no place like home.
3) There has been a postal strike - something about wild cats. Yeah - i know there wasn't two weeks ago.
I am also hoping you will like the HAT that I've put in - (having noted your comment above). I'd also started socks but not finished them. I am truly, awfully, a neglectful pal. All will be revealed when you get the package - I'm posting TODAY!


Meg loves the hat, getting warm here now but it will come in handy next winter. :)


Your Dobby Hat looks great! ;)

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